Monday, August 20, 2012

The 5th Annual Simon Bolivar

Latino Alumni Group of the Alumni Association of CCNY 
Presents the 
5th Annual Simon Bolivar 
Career Achievement Award Dinner 

Thursday, September 20th, 2012 
6:30 PM 
Dinner and Program 
The Faculty Dining Room, North Academic Center 
The City College of New York

Presentation of Simon Bolivar Career Achievement Awards to:
Laura V. Osorio ’76Arch 
Rafael J. Rivera-Viruet ’64B  

Along with Special Guest Speakers from the College and Alumni Association
All are welcomed

Laura V. Osorio ’76Arch

Laura graduated from the CCNY School of Architecture in
1976. Since then, she has worked for the New York City
Buildings Department for the last twenty years.  She joined
the agency at an executive level.  In the history of the
department she has been among the first woman as well as
the first Hispanic registered architect to hold such a high
level technical position.   Ms. Osorio has risen within the
ranks of the agency holding several important positions most
notably the head of the Manhattan Borough Office as
Borough Commissioner.  In that capacity she served as
steward of development in the city, where construction is
critical to the economic growth of the city.  As a leader of
that office she recognized the  need to further improve the
operations.  Her skill and knowledge serve as the backbone
of the agency and her work leads directly to the creation of
new homes, new offices and new jobs.

Rafael J. Rivera-Viruet ’64B 

Rafael was born in 1940 in the mountains of Utuado, Puerto Rico. At the age of nine he was put on a four engine plane and sent to New York. After graduating from CCNY/Baruch College with a BA in Business Admin. & Finance, Rivera-Viruet became the first Puerto Rican to be hired by the accounting firm Price Waterhouse & Co. In 1970, he moved to Josephson Int'l and was a key member of the executive team that negotiated the acquisition of Int'l Famous Artists (IFA) and later the merger with Creative Management Associates (CMA) which resulted in the emergence of one of the premiere talent agencies in the film and television industry, lnt'l Creative Management (ICM). Through Lehman College/CUNY he mentors young men and women who are looking to extend their knowledge on all aspects of production and business practices. Ralph Rivera, as he is known in the entertainment industry, is currently the VP of Finance and Administration at Dramatists Play Service, Inc., the leading publisher and
performance licensing organization in the American theatre and the President of Terramax Entertainment, LLC.

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