Sunday, July 1, 2012

Latino Beat - Newsletter PR trip recap

Summer edition (Article 2)

Rich Port Ahoy (Trip to Puerto Rico)

It's easy to fall in love with Puerto Rico; Old San Juan and its old European country look, with the cobblestone streets, colorful 3-4 story buildings tightly packed leaving narrow streets that were only meant for horse, carriage and mud splatter pedestrians. It is an enchanting sight as the sun goes down, the lamps that light the small town, light up and the chirp of the “Coqui” frogs begin to accompany the sounds of the nightlife. But in total, all the sights, all the food and all the people we met, made this trip unforgettable for those that came along. There was absolutely no better deal in town as the Latino Alumni Group subsidized many of the normal expenses of the trip while providing an exciting group experience that the Alumni Association sorely needed. 

Arriving on Tuesday seemed odd at first, as many groups start their trips on Sundays or Mondays. But the group already had some help breaking the ice thanks to the Salsa Lessons organized before the trip. But even after arriving, the group had another chance to introduce themselves in a group intro meeting, before settling into their rooms.

Each morning was meet with a complementary group breakfast where everyone had a chance to discuss their experience so far and plan their day. The group enjoyed a fabulous tour of the Bacardi factory followed by drinks and our first trip to Old San Juan to visit the famous forts, eat and shop.

For the rest of the trip, members were able to take personal day trips organized via LAG for $30-$50 cheaper than the cost found online or via the hotel. Add to that an on-premise Casino, many local eateries, the beach (someone never even made it as far as the beach), a second excursion to Old San Juan for even more shopping, the hotel extras like a salsa lesson and live band dancing that went on nightly for the second half of the trip, and you go ahead and try not to fall in love. 

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