Saturday, June 30, 2012

Latino Beat - Newsletter: Article 1

Summer Edition (Article 1)

The Ride So Far...
Around this time last year, we started off with the plan to organize a trip to Puerto Rico. It was to be the crown jewel of all our events thus far and hopefully a foray into a new direction for the Latino Alumni Group. And with no major hiccup, less than one year later, we did just that. And it was a very good time.

However proud we feel that we actually pulled that trip off, it was a rough year for the Latino group. Due to the drop in activities, as we focused on the trip to Puerto Rico, we had lost some members who did not renew.

In the process of reformatting some of our events, we unfortunately had to decide to cancel some of our major events as well. Such as the 2011 Simon Bolivar award dinner, a dance competition and our theater outing.

However, we still had a number of accomplishments. Including the success of the trip to Puerto Rico, we were able to give out a scholarship which was presented at the annual Alumni Dinner, our annual Thanksgiving dinner and Holiday dinner had their biggest turn out of any prior year, and a complementary private salsa lessons. We received great feedback from the survey we sent out, giving us some great insight to the direction the membership would like to go. Not only that, but we were able to find our next Simon Bolivar winners through some of the bios we received.

This year, we aim to use all of these past achievement to launch a more aggressive outreach, not only to new and nonrenewal members, but to current Alumni Association Latinos that are not associated with or aware of LAG.

With the recent exposure from the trip to Puerto Rico, which was included in the 2012 Spring Fling, the survey, and even the recent award given to the current LAG President, a lot of new attention has shifted on to the Latino Alumni Group. Our hope is that with the attention and the new focus in getting more of the active alumni to join our group, we could recognize even more of their work in future newsletters and award ceremonies.
LAG is gearing up to have its best year ever, already ahead of the curve with the planning of many of this year’s events, including this year’s Simon Bolivar on September 20th, and our next group outings/social media discussion panel, which we hope to have added in the 2013 Spring Fling. We will have a bigger team to work with this coming year, with bigger plans, which we hope will not only increase our numbers, but encourage new Latino leaders to take the group to even higher levels in the near future.

Pereta Rodriguez, Treasurer, and Pedro Cruz go for a ride in Puerto Rico. 
Little did Pereta know that the driver would be jumping off and passing the 
steering to her. “It was a blast. There is a first time for anything at any age.”

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