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Latino Alumni Group 2011-2012 Year-End Report

Latino Alumni Group 2011-2012 Year-End Report

     This past year we started off with the plan to organize a trip to Puerto Rico. It was to be the crown jewel of all our events thus far and hopefully a foray into a new direction for the Latino Alumni Group. And with no major hiccup, less than one year later, we did just that. And all those that joined us, had a fabulous time.

     However proud I feel that we actually pulled that trip off, it was rough year for the Latino group. Due to the drop in activities, we had lost some members who did not renew. Due to numerous short comings that I take full blame for, we had to cancel last year’s Simon Bolivar award dinner, a dance competition and in order to ensure there was money in our budget in case of an emergency, we did not have a theater outing.

     However we did have a few very bright spots. Including the success of actually pulling off an event like the trip to Puerto Rico, we had other accomplishments which included giving out a scholarship which was presented at the annual Alumni Dinner, a larger group of undergrads for our annual Thanksgiving dinner and Holiday dinner and a successful survey which gave us some great insight to the direction the membership would like to go.

     This year, we aim to use all of past achievement to launch a more aggressive outreach, but not only to new and nonrenewal members, but to current alumni association Latinos, some of which wrote on the survey (which went out to non-LAG members) that they were not aware a Latino group even existed. The trip to Puerto Rico which was included in the 2012 Spring Fling, I am sure, was a first for many Latinos. And my hope is that by getting more of the active alumni to join our group, we could recognize even more of their work in future newsletters and award ceremonies.

     Our next newsletter is fast coming to print as well as more regarding our trip to Puerto Rico. With the knowledge we have now from the survey and the extra exposure, I believe we will have a much better time in 2012-2013. We already have our award winners for this year’s Simon Bolivar on September 20th, and have our next group outing, which we hope to have added in the 2013 Spring Fling committee, ready to go. We will have a bigger team to work with this coming year, with bigger plans which we hope will not only increase our numbers, but encourage new Latino leaders to take the group to even higher levels in the near future.

     Seguimos pa’ Lante.

2011-2012 activities
October 2011 – Survey email with Newsletter
November 2011– Thanksgiving with the Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity undergrad chapter and alumni
December 2011– Holiday party with the Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity undergrad chapter and alumni
March and April 2012– Salsa Lessons with Jocelyn Mendez
May 2012– Trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico with included excursions/events

Cancelled events:
July - Dance Competition
Sept - Simon Bolivar 

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